Gravitational wave physics and astronomy: Genesis(重力波物理学・天文学:創世記)
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A01: Norichika Sago

Belonging planed research:
A01 Testing gravity theories using gravitational wave data
Department of Physics, Kyoto University
Description of my research theme and research plan etc. 

I have been studying the dynamics of and the gravitational waves from compact binaries, based on black hole perturbation theory.
In addition, I have worked on several topics related to gravitational wave physics, e.g. ringdown gravitational waves from compact binary coalescence, data analysis with a network of ground-based detectors.

As a member of A01 Group, I would like to work on data analysis to seek possible signature of a deviation from general relativity encoded on gravitational waves, by utilizing my past experience. Also I would like to work on developing a data analysis program applicable to actual gravitational wave data.