Gravitational wave physics and astronomy: Genesis(重力波物理学・天文学:創世記)
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The first annual symposium of the innovative area
 "Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy: Genesis"

The First Annual Area Symposium
Dates: 2018, March 5th (10:30) - March 7th (14:30)
Venue: 6th floor of Kashiwa Research Complex at Kashiwa Campus of the University of Tokyo
               Building No. 15 in this map
Dead lines: Jan. 28th(Sun): Financial supports
                      Feb. 12th(Mon): Talk and banquet registration
                      You are required to have your login-ID for registration. If you are not holding an account at this gw-genesis web site, contact us at least four business days before the deadlines above. Details are in the registration page.
For the registration of poster presentation, please click here.
        poster size = 1690 cm(height)x730 cm(width)
Purpose: This innovative area was launched this fiscal year, at the very beginning of gravitational wave astronomy, aiming at making great achievements in the fields of gravitational wave physics and astronomy in Japan, where KAGRA project is going. This annual symposium will be held for the exchange of information in the area and for free and active discussions. The symposium also provides an opportunity not only to discuss the latest research results but also to evaluate mutually whether each research project  is being conducted to achieve the objectives of the area. Spreading out the results of the area widely to researchers in the surrounding research fields and promoting collaborative research are also important objectives of this symposium. We would support travel expenses as much as possible, so as to encourage the participation of many researchers also from outside of the area.

Invited speakers:
  • Assaf Horesh (Hebrew): radio
  • Kenta Hotokezaka (Princeton): NS-NS
  • Eliu A. Huerta (Illinois): GW analysis
  • Shota Kisaka (Aoyama): short GRB jet
  • Masatake Ohashi (ICRR): KAGRA
  • Shinya Wanajo (Sophia): r-process
Reports of research projects:
  • (A01) "Testing Gravity Theories using GWs"Takahiro Tanaka (Kyoto)
  • (A02) "New developments of gravity theory research in GW physics/astronomy" Shinji Mukohyama (Kyoto)
  • (A03) "Quest for BH binary: Formation and Evolution" Kazuyuki Omukai (Tohoku)
  • (B01) "Physics and Astrophysics with GWs from binary NS coalescences, BH-NS coalescences, pulsars and magnetars” Hideyuki Tagoshi (ICRR)
  • (B02) "Gravitational Wave Sources Probed with High Energy Observations" Nobuyuki Kawai (TITech)
  • (B03) "Identifying and observing optical/infrared counterparts of GW events" Michitoshi Yoshida (NAOJ)
  • (C01) "Investigation of Supernova Mechanism via GWs" Kei Kotake (Fukuoka)
  • (C02) "Investigation of Supernova Mechanism via Neutrino" Mark R. Vagins (IPMU)
Registration fee: None
Banquet fee: See below
Banquet place: Cafeteria (No.10 in the map)
banquet fee (March 6th)
employed researcher including JSPS DC fellow
about 4,500yen
about 3,000yen
Kashiwa Research Complex