Gravitational wave physics and astronomy: Genesis(重力波物理学・天文学:創世記)
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Area Workshop 2017A at Tohoku university

Area workshop:
The workshop will be led by the "BH-BH merger'' sub-groups, A01/A02/A03. Each sub-group will present their recent developments. Several talks with the total duration ~ 2hours will be organized by each group. 
  • Date and Time: Dec. 7, 9:00 - 16:00
  • Venue: Science Complex C (H04) 2F, Aoba Science Hall, Aobayama Campus, Tohoku University6-3, Aoba, Aramaki, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8578 Japanat Tohoku University, Japan
Please see the campus map. (Here)

with Video conference system (Announce by e-mail to the registered participants)
  • Guest Speakers:   We are planning to have a special session on the recent GW/EM detection of the NS-NS merger event. 
Group-A Boot camp:
  • Date: Dec.7 (arrival before the dinner) - Dec.9 (will be over in the early afternoon)
  • Venue: Yousen-kaku Iwamatsu ryokan (鷹泉閣 岩松旅館)     (Here)         tel: 022-395-2211
  • Access:    check the website  (Here)      
    We are moving to the venue from Tohoku univ together, after the area workshop will get over. We will charter a bus which has a capacity of 25 people. If you won't have a chance to take the bus, you may take a < 1hour train ride from Sendai. Iwamatsu ryokan provides a free shuttle bus service from Sakunami (作並) station to the venue.        
  • Host Institute: Tohoku Universiy
  • Local Organizers:  Atsushi Naruko, Kazuyuki Sugimura, Kazuyuki Omukai (Tohoku Univ.)
Registration: (Deadline Nov. 19th (Sun))
For registration, you need to get the account of this innovative area. Please get your account here, in case you do not have it.
The registration fee to participate in the area workshop on Dec. 7th is free

The registration fee to participate in the Group-A Boot camp (from evening on Dec.7 to Dec. 9) is JPY10,000
The accommodation fee for the Group-A boot camp is JPY10,000/night

Note that this is a very rough estimate. The total amount will be informed after the registration, and may depend on your status (student/PD/staff). You can pay it during the WS at Tohoku university. Those who will not attend the area workshop can pay it at Iwamatsu ryokan on-site.
registration fee
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