Gravitational wave physics and astronomy: Genesis(重力波物理学・天文学:創世記)
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PDF file (version 2020/01/31)
Category: Research area
A01: Testing gravity theories using gravitational waves
A02: New developments of gravity theory research in gravitational wave physics/astronomy
A03: Theoretical study on binary black hole formation
B01: Physics and Astrophysics with gravitational waves from Binary Neutron star Coalescences, Black Hole Neutron star Coalescences, Pulsars and Magnetars
B02: Gravitational Wave Sources Probed with High Energy Observations
B03: Study of nucleosynthesis in neutron star merger with optical-infrared follow-up observations of gravitational wave sources
C01: Deciphering Physics of Core-Collapse Supernovae via Gravitational-wave Astronomy
C02: Studying supernova explosions via their neutrino emissions
                                                                                                        Based on version 2020/1/31 (updated by H.Takahashi, 2020/2/3)

Feb. 10


Opening, Chair: Takahiro Tanaka
    Takahiro Tanaka, Opening address
    Yoshiyuki Nagasaka, Opening address

Session 1 (B01) 125 min, chair: Takahiro Tanaka
9:45-10:25 40 min
    Kipp Cannon (I), "Status of the Third Advanced-Detector Observation Run"
10:25-11:15 50 min
    Hideyuki Tagoshi, "Status Report of B01"
    Tatsuya Narikawa, "Reanalysis of binary neutron star merger GW170817 using numerical-relativity calibrated waveform models"
    Hirotaka Yuzurihara, "Application of false discovery rate to evaluate significance in gravitational wave search"
    Jishnu Suresh, "Stochastic gravitational wave background searches"
11:15-11:35 20 min
    Wataru Iwakiri, "Status report of the CubeSat X-ray observatory “NinjaSat” project"
11:35-11:50 15 min
    Wataru Horiuchi, "Towards a unified description of neutrino-nucleus reactions for a wide range of momentum and energy transfers, and mass number"

11:35-13:20 Lunch and poster viewing

Session 2 (B03) 120 min, Chair: Nozomu Tominaga
13:20-14:00 40 min
    Albino Perego (I), "Compact binary mergers: linking the strong field dynamics to multimessenger observables"
14:00-14:40 40 min
    Igor Andreoni (I), "Results from GROWTH follow-up of neutron star mergers during LIGO/Virgo O3"
14:40-15:20 40 min
    Michitoshi Yoshida, "Status report of the sub-project B03"
    Masaomi Tanaka, "Systematic Opacity Calculations for Kilonovae"
    Mahito Sasada, "J-GEM Optical and NIR Follow-Up in Gravitational-Wave Third Observing Run"
    Takayuki Ohgami, "Optical follow-up observation with Subaru/HSC in the GW third observing run"

15:20-15:50 Break

Session 3 (B02/B03) 120 min, Chair: Masaomi Tanaka
15:50-16:05 15 min
    Keiichi Maeda, "Observational Properties of Ultra-Stripped Envelope Supernovae"
16:05-16:20 15 min
    Fumio Abe, "Follow-up observations by MOA in O3 period"
16:20-16:50 30 min
    Nobuyuki Kawai, "Status report of subgroup B02 "Gravitational Wave Sources Probed with High Energy Observations"
    Kunihito Ioka, "Jet Propagation in Neutron Star Mergers and GW170817"
16:50-17:10 20min
    Kazuya Takahashi, "Inverse reconstruction of jet structure from off-axis gamma-ray burst afterglows"
17:10-17:50 40min
    Bing Zhang (I), "Other EM counterparts of BNS mergers"
Feb. 11

Session 4 (A03) 90 min, chair: Takashi Hosokawa
9:00-9:40 40 min
    Christoph Federrath (I), "The role of turbulence, magnetic fields, and feedback for star formation"
9:40-10:30 50min
    Kazuyuki Omukai, "A03 group report"
    Kenji Sadanari, "Magnetohydrodynamic effects on first star formation"
    Hajime Susa, "Formation of PopIII binaries in minihalos"
    Ataru Tanikawa, "Formation rate of LB-1 like systems through dynamical interactions"

10:30-10:50 Break

Session 5 (A03) 100 min, chair: Ataru Tanikawa
    10:50-11:30 40 min
    Michela Mapelli (I), "Formation channels of binary black holes"
11:30-11:45 15 min
    Minori Shikauchi, "Detectability of Black Hole-Main Sequence Star Binaries Formed in Open Clusters using Gaia"
11:45-12:00 15 min
    Kazumi Kashiyama,"Optical transients associated with black hole formation"
12:00-12:15 15 min
    Long Wang, "The connection between stellar dynamics and BH mergers"
12:15-12:30 15 min
    Alessandro Trani, "Density cusps around massive black holes as nurseries of gravitational wave events"

12:30-14:00 Lunch

Session 6 (A01) 110 min, chair: Naoki Seto
14:00-14:55 55 min
    Takahiro Tanaka, "A01 Status report"
    Kei Yamada, "Testing Parity Violation of Gravity via Gravitational Waves"
    Nami Uchikata, "Searching for gravitational wave echoes from binary black hole mergers"
    Takahiro Yamamoto, "Estimation of QNM frequency of ringdown gravitational wave using neural network"
14:55-15:50 55 min
    Shinji Mukohyama, "A02 group status"
    Hideki Asada, "Directly testing scalar modes of gravitational waves by four detectors"
    Kei-ichi Maeda, "Gravitational Waves from Hierarchical Triple System"
    Hayato Motohashi, "Primordial black holes from constant-roll inflation"

15:50-16:20 Break

Session 7 (A02) 70 min, chair: Shinji Mukohyama
16:20-16:35 15 min
    Toshifumi Yamada, "Gravitational waves from phase transitions in physics beyond the Standard Model"
16:35-16:50 15 min
    Ryuichi Fujita, "Gravitational waves from extreme mass ratio inspirals"
16:50-17:30 40 min
    Enrico Barausse (I), "Stochastic and resolvable gravitational waves from ultralight bosons and near-horizon exotic physics"

Banquet 18:30 open, 19:00 start
Feb. 12

Session 8 (A02/B01) 80 min, chair: Hideyuki Tagoshi
9:00-9:40 40 min
    Chiara Caprini (I, remote), "Gravitational waves and cosmology: the potential of the LISA observatory"
9:40-10:20 40 min
    Evan Goetz (I), "Searches for continuous gravitational waves in the advanced detector era"

10:20-10:45 Break

Session 9 (Nuclear Physics) 80 min, chair: Shun Furusawa
10:45-11:25 40 min
    Umesh Garg (I), "Nuclear Incompressibility: How Collective Excitation Modes of a Nucleus Characterize Astrophysical Processes"
11:25-12:05 40 min
    Hidetoshi Akimune (I), "Alpha cluster state in self-conjugate A=4n nuclei"

12:05-13:30 Lunch (HQ meeting)

Session 10 (C01/C02) 150min, chair: Yusuke Koshio

13:30-14:10 40 min
    Gabriel Martinez Pinedo (I), "Weak processes in Stellar Evolution, Supernova Explosions and Nucleosynthesis
14:10-14:40 30 min
    Tomoya Takiwaki, "Gravitational wave from core-collapse supernovae: C01 status"
14:40-15:00 20 min
    Man Leong Chan, "Computations and distributions of the Stokes parameters of supernova gravitational wave signals"
15:00-15:20 20 min
    Mark Vagins, "C02 Group Status"
    Akira Harada, "Supernova simulations with the Boltzmann Neutrino Transport (C02 theory report)"
15:20-15:40 20 min
    Yudai Suwa, "Supernova Neutrino Light Curves beyond 10 s"
15:40-16:20 20 min
    Thomas Edwards, "Is a Universal IMF Adequate for the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background?"

1 Smaranika Banerjee, "Simulations of early kilonova emission from neutron star mergers"
2 Shun Furusawa, "Nuclear Equations of State for Core-Collapse Supernova Simulations"
3 Ryo Hamasaki, "Transient detection with machine learning in Tomo-e Gozen Survey"
4 Sho Higashi, "Amplification of turbulence in contracting primordial minihalos"
5 Yoshiaki Himemoto, "Correlated magnetic noise from anisotropic lightning sources and the detection of stochastic gravitational waves"
6 Hajime Kawahara, "Searching for Self-Gravitational Lensing by A Black Hole in TESS Full-Frame Images"
7 Yasufumi Kojima, "Possibility to detect GW-burst signal with machine learning"
8  Jun Kumamoto, "Contribution to the detection rate of gravitational waves by binary black holes originating from the metal-rich open cluster"
9 Koutarou Kyutoku, "Computation of high-accuracy gravitational waveforms from black hole-neutron star binary mergers"
10 Wenjie Ma, "Search for neutrino signal associated with gravitational wave in Super-Kamiokande"
11 Takeo Minezaki, "New site for observing optical/infrared counterparts"
12 Kouji Nakamura, "Balanced homodye detection for gravitational-wave detectors: --- Number vs. Power counting in multi-mode detectors ---"
13 Daisuke Nakauchi, "Pulsational instability of very massive stars with various metallicities"
14 Yuu Niino, "Optical follow-up observations of GW events with the wide-field CMOS camera Tomo-e Gozen"
15 Atsushi Nishizawa, "Cross-correlating gravitational waves from binary black holes and electromagnetic counterparts"
16 Atsushi Oda, "Fragmentation of circ umbinary disk in PopIII star formation"
17 Masamune Oguri, "Strong Gravitational Lensing of Explosive Transients"
18 Ken Ohsuga, "Hoyle-Lyttleton Accretion of Dusty-gas onto Accretion Disks"
19 Shota Shibagaki, "A New Gravitational Wave Signature of Low T/|W| Instability in Rotating Stellar Core Collapse"
20 Kazuhiro Shima, "The Pop III disk fragmentation: disentangling the numerical and physical effects"
21 Jiro Soda, "Some topics on dark matter and gravitational waves"
22 Yukikatsu Terada, "Numerical Estimation and Observational Searches for Nuclear Gamma-rays from Galactic Kilonova Remnants"
23 Hajime Togashi, "A sy stematic study of supernova equations of state with the Thomas-Fermi method"
24 Daisuke Toyouchi, "Effects of jets on the dynamical friction on black holes within common envelopes"
25 Takuji Tsujimoto, "Connection of Galactic r-process enrichment with Gravitational-wave detection rate"
26 Koh Ueno, "Status of CBC Detection Pipeline GstLAL"
27 Hidenobu Yajima, "Formation of first star clusters in first galaxies"
28 Masahide Yamaguchi, "Generalized ghost-free propagators of non-local fields"
29 Masashi Yanazaki, "Numerical integration of Kazantsev equation"
30 Daisuke Yonetoku, "Micro satellite project Kanazawa-SAT-3: Wide field X-ray monitor for gravitatonal wave conterparts"
31 Naoto Yoshinari, "Development of a new N-body simulation code for globular clusters with binary stars"
32 Ying-li Zhang, "Emission of Gravitational Waves from Primordial Black Holes Binaries in dark halos"


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